Saturday, December 10, 2011

About the Santa Picture

While it sums up the Love/Hate relationships the boys felt about Christmas and Santa, I should probably give the back story to the photo I used in my last post..

The boys were very happy that day, sitting there on Santa's lap.  They were thrilled by the soft suit, and the beard, the colors and the twinkling lights.

Then, it happened.  The photographers thought the boys should look at the camera and smile for their photo.

They tried to get their attention....  By ringing a startling bell and making a mechanical bird start flapping its wings.

The result?  
Scared of Santa

(Startling any kid is not a good idea.. but especially not an Aspie - or two!)

No worries, they forgive easily.  Two minutes later -

All is forgiven

A candy cane made everything better.  :)

Merry Christmas,