Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday’s Fave Five - 12/2


Welcome to Friday, when Susanne, graciously hosts the weekly Friday’s Fave Five meme.  With the long Holiday weekend, I missed last week, and it felt strange!

I have a long list of blessings this week, but here are my top five.

1.  My mother is alive and wants to be actively involved in our lives.  Sometimes, it can be easy for me to take that for granted.  (Occasionally, we even give each other a reason to forget that that is a blessing…)  But on days when my father’s absence is physically palpable, like Thanksgiving, it reminds me.
2.  My Christmas shopping is pretty much finished, and I can focus the majority of my attention on our upcoming vacation!  (yay!)

3.  Our Christmas decorations are up, and they look so pretty!

4.  We keep our cable channels pretty tightly locked down with parental controls.  The other day, for some reason, the channels were all open.  My children actually came upstairs, and told me to come and put the block back on.  I’m not sure, but if it were me, when I was eleven, I may have sat down with some chips to see what CSI or Dexter was really all about.

5.  My husband takes down our lights every year.  he very neatly stores them in a way that when the following Christmas comes, they come out easily, untangled, and hassle free.  He also washed all the Thanksgiving dishes, and although I’m sure he misses his family for these big Holidays, always takes part and enjoys his time with mine.  He is a good man.

Have a wonderful week!