Saturday, December 3, 2011

I Hope They Remember the Laughter


I know I often write about the challenges that come with raising twins with Asperger syndrome, but I don't think I write nearly enough about how much fun we have.  These guys are funny.  The sound of their laughter - the real, true, from the belly laughter is one of the most beautiful sounds I will ever know.  It's such a great contrast to some of the anxieties and difficulties that they face.

Once of the challenges that people with Asperger Syndrome face is that they tend to be very literal.  If we go to visit friends who live on a street named Valley View Drive, the boys complain loudly when we arrive and there is no view of a valley.  Once, when they were little, I told them I had to lie down, my head was splitting.  Two three year olds quickly climbed up beside me to examine my head. (I wonder if I should be concerned that they were slightly disappointed to see that my head was indeed intact!?)

Today I was remembering a day when they were four years old.  I had prepared some Spanish rice for them, and they were excited to try it.  About halfway through his serving, Boy One looked up, and said "Hi, Mommy!"  Then his forehead creased and he looked quite serious for a moment.  He looked up once more and said "I like this Spanish Rice!"  Then he sighed and looked quite dejected.

I sat down beside him and asked him what was wrong.

"This rice doesn't make me speak Spanish."

Spanish rice

Oh, how I love these children!!