Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Forty Days of Seeking Him – A Lenten Meme

Today is the first day of Lent.  If you observe Lent, or would like to learn more about this preparatory season leading up to Easter, you are invited to visit the link up hosted by Trish at House Upon the Rock, and Laura at Day by Day in Our World.

There will be a new linky posted each week.  Bloggers can add their Lenten posts as often as they like during the seven days.

I have really come to enjoy Lent.  (Yes.  Really!)  One of the nicest things about this meme, (I participated last year, too) is that many of the posts help break the stereotype of Lent being all about "giving things up."
Yes, fast, abstinence, almsgiving and other forms of sacrifice are a part of it, but these little discomforts are a wonderful reminder of the greatest sacrifice of all.  The moments of want are such a great opportunity to offer up a prayer for someone in need, or a situation in our lives or our world.  When done properly, I receive so much more than I "give up".

Sometimes, friends will say to me, "Oh, I'm glad I'm not a Catholic, I could never live without .......  (fill in the blank) for forty days!"

I think deep down, we all realize we really can, and it's a daily choice to grow spiritually.

Is living without this:
 Even comparable to this?

Delacroix Crucifixion
Crucifixion - Delacroix

It's all about perspective.

Forty days begins today.  We will go to Mass, get our ashes, and I will observe the guidelines for fast and abstinence.

We will stop saying Alleluia! from today until Easter Sunday.  When we say it again, it will be fresh, and new - and hopefully, we will be, too.