Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday’s Fave Five - 2/17

fff winter button

Well, it’s Friday, and my week has been so busy I still haven’t visited LAST week’s Friday’s Fave Five posts!  It’s almost 5:30, and I need to sit and type before the day ends and I forget to stop and take the time to reflect on the best parts of my week. 

1.  The Toy Fair.  It’s amazing.  I love toys.  I loved being surrounded by toys, and people’s amazing new ideas, and silly ideas, and thousands of people who love toys as much as I do.

toy fair

2.  Valentine’s Day.  My husband and I don’t make a big deal of it, but the boys and I do.  We always take their Grandmother out to lunch on that day, and we did some other surprise Valentines, too.   It’s so nice to brighten people’s day. 

Valentine's Day

3.  Faith.  Our Parish Priest passed away after a long stay in the hospital.  He will be missed, and it’s hard for those of us left behind, but our faith gives us comfort.

heaven 01

4.  The boys made me breakfast for Valentine’s Day.  It was very cute.  Fresh strawberries, and a Pop Tart.   They even warmed the pop tart up.  LOL.
pop tart

This is NOT a favorite – they both have nasty colds right now.  (and so does their father) I hope they feel better soon.   


5.  My husband was kind enough to get up super early to drive into the city with me to go to the Toy Fair.  He was a most excellent chauffeur, even on very little sleep.

I wish you all a wonderful and blessed week ahead.