Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Coolest Game on Earth Just Got Cooler! #NHL Playoffs

My husband and I are both great hockey fans.  In fact, our love of hockey is what brought us together.  If I were a football fan, we might not have met!

This year, we are both very happy.  

My favorite team, the New Jersey Devils, won the NHL Eastern Conference Final.

Devils Conference Final
This photo is the property of Andrew Mordzynski Photography located in Livingston, NJ

My husband's favorite team, the Los Angeles Kings, have won the Western Conference Final.

Kings win Conference final
This photo is the property of Ross D. FRanklin, an AP Photographer

The teams will meet to play a best of seven series to see who will win the Stanley Cup.  It should be fun!

The Stanley Cup
The Stanley Cup - photo credit unknown