Thursday, August 23, 2012

AlphabeThursday Superhero Style! - N is for Nightwing (The Boy Wonder Grows Up)

NightWing Greg Land
Even if you have not heard the name Nightwing, he may seem vaguely familiar.  He was formerly the first Robin, Batman's Boy Wonder.

Dependent upon who is telling the story, Nighwing comes into existence when:
  • Robin (Dick Grayson) ages out of his role at age eighteen.
  • The Dark Knight tells him he must choose the Teen Titans or the Bat Cave, but can't have it both ways.
  • He and Bats had a falling out over built up tensions.
Dick Grayson chose the name Nighwing partly as a nod to Batman who taught him to move in the shadows of the night, and also a salute to a legendary hero of  Krypton by the same name.  He is very Batmanesque, with neat gadgets, and a similar style of combating crime.

Starting with but then outgrowing the Teen Titans, Nightwing worked alone for a bit.  Then he moved to a town in more desperate need, Blüdhaven.  There he would be a police officer by day, and Nightwing after hours.  Eventually, he joined a new band of crime fighters, the Outsiders.  Over time, they root out the criminals (including the ones in the police department!) bring them to justice, and return Blüdhaven to the citizens.

Thankfully, the Batman/Nightwing relationship is repaired, although occasionally strained.  They even work together at times, especially during the Outsider years.  Sometimes, when needed, Nightwing steps in as Batman for Bruce Wayne.

There was a popular comic published several years ago in which Nightwing narrowly escapes having a frontal lobotomy. Shortly after escaping the clutches of the villains at Arkham Asylum, he sees what appears to be the fiery death of his former mentor, Batman,so he joins the new Robin and assumes the role of the Dark Knight.

The good news is, Batman didn't really die, but he had some serious issues to work out.  While he was missing in action, the writers came up with some interesting stories for both Dick Grayson and Bruce Wayne.

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