Thursday, August 30, 2012

AlphabeThursday Superhero Style! – O is for Oracle


When Heroes Needed Super Secret Information, They Would Call on Oracle.  

Only a few people knew Oracle's true identity - she generally appeared to seekers in a holographic form and only as a head.  In reality, Oracle was a woman in a wheelchair, paralyzed from the waist down.  Behind her bank of supercomputers, she could hack into almost any server and retrieve information to help fight crime, and disperse it through her international communication network.

She also has a photographic memory.  Free time was spent speed reading through numerous news sources and her brain became another vast data bank.

Of course, that's not how her story started, and this is not not how it ends.  That would be too simple, and hero stories are rarely simple.

Going way back to the beginning, Barbara Gordon was orphaned as a child.  (While sad, it is an excellent start toward becoming a superhero.)  After her parents were killed, her uncle (Gotham City's Police Commissioner Gordon) adopted her.  Under her adoptive father's care, she saw the behind the scenes world of crime fighting.  It is little wonder she developed a fascination with its Caped Crusader, Batman.

Because of her incredible intelligence, she finished school quickly and began working at the library.  During this time, she really honed her incredulous research skills.  She also continued to idolize Batman and learned some fighting skills.

She had no idea how her life would change as she constructed a home made bat suit of her own.  She wore it to a Masquerade Ball hoping to surprise her father - but it was everyone's surprise when she (dressed as Batgirl) saved Bruce Wayne from an attack by Killer Moth!

Bruce was certainly impressed.  So much so that he brought her into the fold, changing the Dynamic Duo into a trio.

Strong, brave and smart, BatGirl was a wonderful addition to the team.


During her time as BatGirl, she also served a term in US Congress.  Keeping it dramatic, she narrowly escaped death by a crazed assassin.  The brush with death made her think about her mortality, and she  decided to leave crime fighting behind.

It was during this time as a civilian that she obtained her injuries.  The Joker constructs a horrible plan to try and drive the Commissioner insane.  He thinks that if he continually subjects him to horrible things, Commissioner Gordon will snap, and lose his moral compass.  Part of the plan is to shoot Barbara leaving her paralyzed from he waist down.  The good news is, that the Joker is wrong.  Both of the Gordons remain sane and good even after their horrible ordeal is over.  

As Barbara works through her rehab, the idea of Oracle comes together and formulates.  As Oracle, she also assembles a crime fighting team called Birds of Prey.  At one point she and NightWing become a hot item, even discussing marriage.

For years, fans have grumbled and groused about Barbara's role as Oracle.  They have debated and even demanded  that she be returned to BatGirl status.  As I have mentioned - in comic books - anything is possible.  Last year, the fans got their wish.  BatGirl is back.

Perfect art by Jamie Naguchi - aka AngryZenMaster
admire it, but don't use except for oohing and ahhing.

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