Thursday, November 1, 2012

AlphabeThursday: Superhero Style! X is For Xs

xs 2

Jenni Ognats is the Granddaughter of Barry Allen, who was the second Flash.  She was not aware that she had any superpowers, and they were latent in her for many years.  It wasn't until she saw her father being hurt that the powers surfaced and she realized that like many of her relatives, she was special.

Once she became aware of her abilities she went to training, and learned how to use them best.  With her newly honed skills, she was a welcomed addition to the Legion of Superheros.  She has supersonic speed and can cast a protective aura around her body.  As a member of the Legion,  Xs also received a ring that allows her to fly at amazing speed.


She has some very interesting story lines.  Some include time travel, and she goes back in time and works along side of her ancestors.   

Thanks to Jenny who blogs at . . . off on my tangent. . . for hosting this fun weekly link up.  Stop by and see some other X inspired posts.