Thursday, November 8, 2012

AlphabeThursday – Superhero Style! Y is for YellowJacket


Rita DeMara - YellowJacket

Rita is not the first YellowJacket.  She stole the suit that once belonged to Hank Pym.  She originally used the identity for criminal use.  She was originally a member of the Masters of Evil.  She eventually tuned against the group, and vowed to used her powers for good.


Once she proved she was on the side of good, she was accepted as a reserve member of the Avengers.  The battle suit she wears allows her to fly.  She can also shrink down to a tiny size, and her gloves fire bursts of electricity.

Thank you to Jenny who blogs at . . .off on my tangent. . . for hosting this fun weekly link up.