Thursday, November 15, 2012

AlphabeThursday Superhero Style! Z is for Zatanna


Zatanna' father is a magician - Giovanni Zatara.  Her mother is Sindella, a mystic.   Before she realized that she had true magical abilities she worked as a stage illusionist.  Then, her father mysteriously dissapeared.  She went in search of him, and through a series of stories, she meets quite a few of the members of the Justice League.


Zatanna helps the Justice League a few times before she becomes one of the group, and uses her magic and elemental abilities for good deeds.  Interestingly, she casts spells by pronouncing them backward - although it isn't necessary, and when she has to, she just calls them out normally.  She also has to be careful, since overusing her powers makes them less potent.

She appears in print, and has been on television, too.  She is a huge favorite with DC comics fans, (I'm sure it is partly due to her fantastic figure!) and she appears in many of the superhero series.  She can be found working with The Justice League, but she also guests in  Batman: The Animated Series, Batman the Brave and the Bold, and Batman Beyond as well.  She has had a role in some Smallville episodes, and most recently she can be seen in the Young Justice series.

Thanks to Jenny who blogs at on my tangent... for hosting this fun Alphabet themed hop.  See what other Z inspired posts have linked up this week, and tune in next week when it starts all over with A again.  (and feel free to join in the fun!)