Monday, September 26, 2016

A Family of #Sneakerheads - #kotd Lebron Area72

LeBron 10 Area 72
My sons have been obsessed by basketball shoes and the sneaker culture for a few years now and they have amassed a pretty impressive collection.

One thing I have learned over the years is that if I want kids to be interested in the things I am interested in, I should return the favor.  Our children love when we acknowledge their passions.  It is far too easy (as a parent) to tune out endless talk about Thomas the Tank Engine, superheroes, Pokemon, etc. but if we listen to these little things when they are younger they are more apt to tell us about bigger things later.  This is how I came to learn about the sneaker culture.  Before long, I became a shoe connoisseur myself!  I broke down and bought my first pair of "cool" shoes.

After that, my sons kept sending me links to shoes that they thought I should own and brought me into stores to show me their favorites.  They would spend time sitting with me talking about all things shoes.  I have a pretty decent collection of my own now!

Also, because I am a small footed person, I can share in their hobby at a fraction of the cost - because wow! These shoes can get expensive!

The photo above is of my little foot and Boy One's big foot in our matching Lebron 10 Area 72 sneakers.  They have cool 3M technology so the pattern lights up like stars.  Neat, right?

I'll be sharing some Kicks of the Day photos from time to time.  I hope you enjoy them.