Sunday, November 12, 2017

A Sneak Peek at the Jordan Gatorade 6 Shoes Due in Stores 12/16

Jordan Gatorade 6
The Jordan Gatorade Six

Somebody made a mistake at a nearby Finish Line store, and we were able to pick up this pair of Gatorade Six Jordans on October 31st.  I've worn them a few times and people have taken an interest in them, so I will share my sneak peak with you.

Here is a quick video review (my hands, my son's voice.)

I found they fit well, true to size.  They are also comfortable!  I walked all over NYC the first day I wore them - a bold idea for any new pair of shoes.  My feet felt fine at the end of the day.  Also, even after quite a few miles, the creasing was not too bad.  Additionally, the New York dirt came off of the nubuck easily, even without any Crep.  

For a GR, they are not a bad pickup.  Many people who have seen them have compared them to Carmines.  I'm sure we'd all like to have the Carmines, but for a smaller price tag you can grab these for a walking around shoe.  

They will be in stores for everyone on December 16th.  Maybe Santa will have a few pair on his sleigh this year, too!

This is a "just because" post, I was NOT given a sample for my review.  

That said -  if anyone wants to hook me up with a plug to do sneaker reviews, me and my sons would be all over that!!