Monday, November 29, 2010

Gratitude Challenge ~ Day 29

Gratitude Challenge

Today has been a very busy day.  I'm grateful for so many things, but right now, I'm really glad for bed time.  I love the bedtime ritual I have with the boys.  They smell so good right out of the bath or shower and they still have a little bit of their little boy in them when they put on pajamas.  We say prayers together and I have a special good night that I say to each boy in turn as I rub his back.

Then I put on a little puppet show for them and either I or their father will read them a chapter from whatever book we are currently reading.   It's kind of long, but it's our ritual.  It helps with the transition to sleep.  (Kids with Asperger's are notoriously bad with transitions and love routines!)  It also helps them to relax and eases some of their night time anxiety.  It's usually the time of day when any confessions or worries come blurting out and are dealt with, too.

Once they are tucked in and asleep I enjoy the peace and the uninterrupted quiet.  Ahhh...   And is there anything sweeter than sleeping kids?  I love to sneak in and steal one more kiss.

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