Sunday, December 12, 2010

Holiday Bliss ~ December 12

Holiday Bliss

This year we started a new Advent activity.  I made a tree out of poster-board, and each day we decorate it with a "gift".    We write down something special in our lives on a bright paper ornament, (for example, one says, family, one says home, etc.)  and then we tape it to the tree.  It's a bit like a gratitude challenge.  The star on the top of the tree says Jesus.   By Christmas Day, the tree will be filled with the true gifts in our lives.

The ones wrapped in paper are fun, but the ones on our tree will never be outgrown, or discarded, or sent to Goodwill.
Advent Tree

Brenda is hosting the Holiday Bliss meme at her blog, Garden of Learning, during the month of December.  Join in and share your traditions, recipes, favorite music or other holiday related posts.