Monday, March 14, 2011

Lent, Day 5

I had an interesting  conversation today.  It was about how sad it is that we as a society continue to lower the bar on what is acceptable, and how too many people have stopped caring.  They walk past people in pain, they entertain themselves by watching other human beings make a train wreck of their lives.  I took some time to reflect on this.

Am I making the world a better place because I'm in it? Am I helping my fellow man?  Are my prayers memorized words, or am I having real conversations?

I know I will always fall short, but am I always trying to improve?

It's not suggested, but commanded.  Love the Lord God with all my heart, and love my neighbor as I have been loved.   Sometimes my delivery is not very soft or gentle, and my words aren't brilliant or quotable, but  I really do try to live this way each day.  Most of the things I do aren't even noticed, but God notices.  God sees, and that's what matters.

Join Trish at a House Upon the Rock this Lenten Season.  Her daily meme 40 days of seeking him will be available for linking up, or just reading others thoughts.  I hope you'll join in.