Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lent, Day One

Today is Ash Wednesday.  We went to church this morning.  The altar and the clergy were adorned in beautiful purple vestments, signifying solemnity and penance.   The service was well attended, and the sermon spoke to my heart.

Trish at A House Upon the Rock is hosting a Lenten Meme, 40 Days of Seeking Him. I hope to join in as often as I can.  If you plan to blog through Lent, please, link up!  I'm looking forward to reading the other responses!

As today's Gospel teaches us, we should not give alms to win the praise of other people, but instead, one hand should not even know what the other is doing.  We should not pray to impress other people, but go to our quiet place and impress God.  We should fast with a smile on our face, and not wear our suffering as a badge.

My plan for this meme is to celebrate the season.  There won't be a long litany of what I am "giving up", my sacrifices, or my almsgiving.  You might get a little bit of prayer, it seems almost unavoidable.  *smile*

Today, the thought of the day is to remember that I don't "seek the admiration of men" but instead, seek to be rewarded for what "my Father sees in secret", for the Mansions in Heaven can only be built with the materials I provide.