Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday's Fave Five - 7/15


Happy Friday!  On Friday, I look back over the past week, and pick out five highlights, blog about them, and then share them with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story.  This is part of a weekly meme called Friday’s Fave Five.

1.  I know I've written a few posts about Legos recently, but besides loving them for their sheer funness and the thrill of the finished product, they are a fantastic tool for Asperger kids.  They are learning how to follow step by step instructions,  (if you don't go in order they come out a big mess)  they are working on their fine motor skills, and they are learning some coping skills.  If they miss a step, and there is an error, they can either have a fit and abandon the project, or go back and find the error.  Sometimes, we have to do both... but the fits are happening less often now.  So, I'm thankful for Legos.

2.  Air Conditioning.  There have been a few brutally hot days - extreme temperatures  wreak havoc on my lupus and fibromyalgia - so the AC is a huge blessing.  (Growing up, I didn't know anybody who had air conditioning.  We didn't even use fans!)

3.  I had the opportunity to bring the boys into the city again to see an exhibit of artifacts from Pompeii.  (I'll be doing a whole post about that)  It was such perfect timing!  We are going to be doing a huge focus on the Roman Empire during this school year.  We've had the great luck to have several things (like the computer game Roman Town and this exhibit) make it real for them.  History is so much cooler when it's more than words and pictures in books.

4.  A chance to have lunch at Carmine's in Manhattan with the boys and my mother.  I love good Italian food!   We were lucky to get a corner table, so the sensory overload wasn't too bad, and Boy Two LOVED it.  Boy One - well, he survived it.  :)

5.  My husband has band performances lined up all summer long.  It can be a lot.. with practices, shows, long days working and commuting - but he's good.  (and I'm not just saying it because he's my husband!)  I love that he is getting some sort of validation after all of the work he's put in.

Thank you to Susanne, for being our hostess.  I wish you all a blessed week.