Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday's Fave Five - 7/29

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Happy Friday! Friday is Gratitude Day for me. (well, every day is, but Fridays, I post about it!) Its when I link up with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story- along with quite a few others. We all share a list of five highlights from our week.

Here are mine.

1. Saturday was a spa day for me. Oh, how I needed it! I could make that #1-5 and still not convey how good it felt to have all of the ick rubbed out of my poor, aching muscles.

2. On Tuesday the boys were so cute, and sweet. Once was downstairs, helping to prepare breakfast, the other made all the beds (even mine!) and they did some other chores without prompting.

3. Great news from my sister. Something she had been hoping for is probably going to happen, and I'm really happy for her!

4. My 16 yr old niece, who is brilliantly talented in art, is finishing up a two week course at a far away art college. She did really well - not just with art, but with being away from home, making new friends, managing money, handling adversity, and doing all of the things she will have to do when she really goes to college. (but I'm not really ready to think about that yet.. *sniff* )

5. My husband is the one who bought me the gift certificate to the spa - so he gets a mention for that, first and foremost! He also likes to give me very sweet (and public) compliments. Kind of like the one he left here on my blog a few weeks ago. He does that every once and a while. (without being paid!) Even though it opens him up to a little teasing from his friends, and it makes me a little bit embarrassed, I mostly like it!

I hope everyone has a great week, and plenty to blog about next Friday!