Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday's Fave Five - 6/30


I almost forgot today was Friday, but then, I was thinking about what a wonderful week I just had and the lightbulb went off!  It's Friday, and I have to make a Friday's Fave Five post!  Susanne at Living to Tell the Story hosts this meme each week.  It's a great way to look back and count my blessings.

Here are my top 5 moments of the past week.

1. Lithotripsy.  A big thank you to goes out to those responsible for the technology behind this wonderful procedure used to break up kidney stones using a sonic ray.

2. Healthy ELEVEN year old boys.  They just had a birthday yesterday, and we had a great day in New York City.  The highlights were Nintendo World, the Lego Store, Toys R Us, and Discovery Times Square.

Nintendo Store

Lego Store

Harry Potter Exhibit

Toys R Us

3.  Family and Friends who celebrated with us in the evening when it was time for cake and ice cream.

Birthday Boys

4.  A fantastic dinner with my sister at the Melting Pot in Westwood, NJ.  (you'll be able to read all about that soon!)

5.  My husband, who (even though this is one of his busiest times of the year) managed to get his work done on a very important job, and help the boys have a fantastic birthday.  The quick trip into the office, and the phone communications were barely even noticed.  Happy employers, happy family, it's all good.