Monday, July 25, 2011

Thank You, Laura O, For the Sunshine Award!

sunshine award

A long, long, time ago, (Okay, it was only in June, but it's the longest I have ever gone before writing a thank you note!) a dear bloggy friend gave me a fun award for my efforts here at Our Village is a Little Different.

Laura blogs at Day by Day in Our World.  Like me, she's a Catholic Homeschooling mom of boys.  She lives in Alaska, and she often treats us to some amazing photos, like this day they took a hike around Exit Glacier.  The header photo on her blog is a beautiful panoramic shot of one of her local views.   Laura just moved her blog to her own self hosted WordPress page, and she did a fantastic job!  You should stop by for a visit.
Part of accepting this Sunshine Award is that I must now divulge seven facts about my life to you.  Bear with me, and I will try not to bore you.  :)
  1. I am a huge hockey fan.  Before our boys were born, the word huge could have been replaced with "rabid".     Very high on my list of "greatest moments in my life" is being present for the New Jersey Devils first Stanley Cup win.   Now, again, this was before children, so try not to judge!  I was so happy that day that I actually cried.   When we were dating, my husband would buy me hockey cards the way other men buy their beaus flowers, and memorabilia made me swoon.
  2. I also used to do some hockey goaltending, but mostly with rollerblades.  I had some beat up ice hockey goalie gear, too.  That could get a little treacherous, so I didn't get on the ice as much - but it was fun!!
  3. My other athletic endeavors that I did well included gymnastics and diving.  I also played softball, badly.
  4. Every night I have something very special that  I say to each of the boys before I kiss them goodnight.  It takes less than a minute.  Pretty soon, they won't want me to do this routine with them anymore, so I hope that they always remember it by heart.
  5. I have lupus and fibromyalgia.  It has put a tremendous cramp in my life.  That said, if I had not been diagnosed and treated for lupus, I would never have been able to have our twins, so... it's not ALL bad.
  6. Before I had my sonogram for the boys, I dreamt that I was having twins.  I told my neonatologist and my mother before my sonogram.  The doctor was amazed, and my mother almost fainted.  That was pretty cool, right?
  7. I never wanted a blog.  I reluctantly started this one because I was accepted as a member of the TOS Review Crew.   

Someday, I will be passing this award on to seven other blogger who brighten my day.  For now, I'll thank Laura for thinking of me, and all of you for reading.