Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Alphabe-Thursday - The Letter Q - 8/11

Hooray for Thursday!  Alphabe-Thursday for fans of Jenny Matlock's blog,  .. off on my tangent... She hosts some fun writing memes.  I don't participate in the others, but on Thursday, the task is to write a post with a letter theme.  I can do that!  Today the letter is.. Q

I love Q.  I learned from Q (at an early age) that sometimes quiet cooperation trumps the spotlight.  Q with U is the quintessential example of teamwork.  Q is rarely seen without U.  Together, they make a lovely sound, but alone, Q is hard, and not nearly as pleasant.

I will take a lesson from Q, and quietly acknowledge the fact that while my uniqueness is a gift, I really shine as part of the quirky quartet that is my family.  I'm a happy quadragenarian with a quixotic husband, and two cute, querent kids who keep my brain sharp with their quizzical natures.   And, lest I forget, our two fuzzy quadrupeds are very lovable companions.

As a little girl, my quaesitum was to be a princess or a Queen. Little did I know that I'd find true  happiness in quotidian things, and that there was a lot of joy in service!

*Sometimes reading excessively, and having a fascination with vocabulary pays off.