Tuesday, August 9, 2011

We Made Our Own Gum

Once upon a time, this was a colorful post with a lot of great photos.  Then homeschool blogger dot com wiped all of my photographs from the internet and now it is a boring post barely worth reading.  Sorry.

Yes, it would have been easier to pick up a pack for $1.29 as we were going through the checkout, but the boys were given a gum making kit, and they were seriously excited to make their own bubble gum.

First we assembled the ingredients.

We poured the powdered sugar into a bowl, and left a well in the center.

Then we added the little packet of gum base which looked like little beads.

We softened the base by microwaving it several times at 15 second intervals. 

Then we added a little bit of liquid corn syrup. 

Next we added the flavoring. 

Everything was mixed together.

The (sticky, messy, very RED)
mess mixture was then poured onto a sheet of waxed paper that had been dusted with powdered sugar. 

We rolled it out, and shaped the pieces.
The kit came with a booklet that had a lot of interesting information about gum, and it's origins.

It was fun, although quite messy.  (I should have used a disposable mixing bowl!)

Unfortunately, the gum didn't taste so hot, either - but we had a good time, learned some new things, and we made more than gum.. we made some memories.