Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday's Fave Five - 8/26

Friday's Fave Five 

Friday's Fave Five is a meme hosted by Susanne at Living to Tell the Story. It's a weekly wrap up. Five highlights from the week. I try to use this opportunity to focus on my gratitude list. I always include something about my family, because they are my favorite always, not just on Fridays. :)

1. The feeling in the air that means Fall is coming. It's getting darker, earlier. The evenings are a little bit cooler. It's back to school season, there is fresh produce everywhere. It's a melancholy time of year for me. I get very reflective.

2. Last Sunday's Sermon. It was good. I needed it. The topic was "Who do YOU say I am?"

3. I was a little bit concerned about our older cat last week. She seemed like she was teetering between okay and about to become very sick. I'm not really prepared for what it would do to the boys if anything happened to her, and she seems to have rallied. She's coming back upstairs to sit beside me, and is coming up to the bedroom for naps again.

4. My boys are so sweet. They are trying to a better job of expressing their anxiety so it doesn't come out as unfettered anxiety and meltdown. My husband had to be treated for suspected Lyme Disease this week, and Boy One said, "I'd like to be kept informed of his medical condition, please." Boy Two, concerned about Hurricane Irene (and what we'll face living in a NYC suburb) has been tuned in keenly to any and all weather reports. Most say we will get the remnants of the storm once it hits lands and dissipates a bit. He has been giving me, and anyone who will listen, the definition of remnant about six times a day. It's good. It's coping skills, and I'll take it.

5. My husband always gets the #5 slot, and this week, he made it easy. I woke up one morning to a "just because" greeting card, and another day i received a gift basket of Godiva chocolate. Yeah.. I'll keep him. ♥

I hope you have all had a wonderful week, and that your week ahead is full of blessings. To anyone who is in Irene's path, stay safe!