Thursday, September 8, 2011

Alphabe-Thursday 9/8 - U is For Umbrella

Jenny Matlock

Welcome to this week's edition of Alphabe-Thursday.  We are winding our way to the end of the Alphabet soon, so if you've been thinking of joining in and want to start with "A", it's not that far off!

Each week, participants in the meme write a post using the letter of the week.  We all link up on Jenny Matlock's blog, on my tangent...

I enjoy taking a break from reviews and look forward to each Thursday.

Today we usher in the love for the under-appreciated letter "U".

Here in New York, "U" is for "Umbrella"

Photo Credit Unknown
It has rained so much this year that the rivers are flooding, homes and property have been destroyed, bridges are washing out, and everyone's sump pumps are working overtime.  The children even had the day off of school today because so many roads were impassable after the torrential rains we had all night and morning.

I wish we could send this to the Southwest.  I see Texas burning on TV, then I look up to the sky and think, "Don't you clouds know you're needed in Texas??!?!"

There's more rain in the forecast this afternoon.   I won't forget my umbrella.