Thursday, October 13, 2011

Alphabe-Thursday 10/13 - Gee, it's Z! @ZamboniCompany

Jenny Matlock

Happy Thursday!  Thursday means it’s time to visit Jenny Matlock at  …off on my tangent…for Alphabe-Thursday.

This fun, weekly meme follows an alphabet theme.  This week, we wind up the current cycle and everyone will have a Z themed post.  Jenny is taking a few weeks off from the Alphabet theme and will begin with letter A again on November 4th, so if you’d like to join in, you have a little bit of time to think of an A post!  The interim weeks will have an Autumn theme linky instead.

I'm a hockey fan, so my Z's probably aren't surprising to anyone who knows me.  First,  I will share with you this children's book, Z is for Zamboni.  It is written by Matt Napier and illustrated by Melanie Rose.  (it is a cute book, so I overlook the fact that the author uses Zamboni as a noun rather than an adjective - it's a common error)
Z is for Zamboni

Now let me tell you about the Zamboni® ice resurfacing machine.  Zamboni® ice resurfacers are exactly what their name suggests.  They are used to smooth and resurface the ice in an arena.  They are used before the game begins and between periods of play.  For over 60 years Frank J. Zamboni and Company have continued to improve and produce the finest machines available.  They are the official brand of the NHL, and as I mentioned above, the name has become so synonymous with the machine, that most people believe it is a noun.

The history of the Zamboni® company and products can be found on the internet. The resurfacing machine truly is an integral part of the game. The elite skaters that currently play in the NHL can fully showcase their skills on smooth, clean ice.  If the ice gets ruts, or becomes slushy, it's dangerous, and the game gets sloppy.

I will confess, I've always wanted to take a ride on one...

Devils Zamboni

It looks kind of fun, doesn't it?

Thank you, Frank Zamboni, for your contribution to my favorite sport.  May you rest in peace, and your may your company prosper.

Learn all about the company and the product at They are also on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.