Friday, November 4, 2011

2011 Gratitude Challenge, Day 4 & Friday's Fave Five 11/04 #Gratitude

FFF Gratitude

Wow! Thank Goodness it's Friday!  This has been a rough week!

Today I am counting Blessings with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story who hosts Friday's Fave Five, and Brenda at Garden of Learning who is hosting this month's Gratitude Challenge.

1.  I am so very grateful for electricity.  Saturday's bizarre snowstorm left us (and millions of others) without power.  Four days in the cold and dark gives a person plenty of time to contemplate the blessings of modern technology.

2.  The two wonderful people who helped me quickly fix my blog today, and another friend who helped design my holiday blog button.

3. The fact that we had offers of food, warm water, and respite from our cold home was we waited for our power to be restored.  We spent most of the time home, but it those breaks made it more bearable.

4.  Kids who cooperated even when they were very uncomfortable and stressed.  We had some payback the following day, when they could finally relax, but it wasn't too bad, considering.

5.  Dimmers.  I have been coveting the dimmer in my husband's music room. All of our ceiling fixtures have 3 bulbs in them.  It gets pretty bright!  While I would have welcomed some bright light most of this week, it usually aggravates my migraines.  We use accent lighting, which is much more appealing, but the boys are always flipping on the switches upstairs.  After they have been running from room to room I sometimes wonder if I am going to meet Saint Peter on the top landing - the light is THAT bright!

My good and dear husband installed dimmer switches throughout our upstairs this week, which made me very happy.  (Thank you, Love)