Saturday, November 5, 2011

2011 Gratitude Challenge - Day 5 #Gratitude

2011 Gratitude Challenge

Today I am sharing my blessings with Brenda at Garden of Learning who is hosting this month’s Gratitude Challenge.  It's a daily meme, but a fun, laid back one.  Link up when you'd like and if you miss days, that's okay, too.

Today I am thankful for sleep.  My insomnia is epic.  I catch up on weekends, usually.  Last weekend, we had an event on Saturday so I had to be up earlier than usual, and then Sunday, with the power out, I wasn't able to sleep late either.

The weekend before that, I was a hostess, and was up getting ready for the get together when I would have been sleeping.

Today, I slept so long and so late!  It was a longtime coming, and it was fabulous.

Extra thanks to go to my husband who takes over on weekend mornings to make this possible.